10th – 14th March, 2014

Description of the school

Schleusenwall 1, Bocholt, 015127011936,

MGB is a bilingual (English/German) school pupils age 10-19 located in Bocholt (75.000) directly at the German Dutch border. Bocholt is a regional centre for shopping from both sides of the border. Our industrial base was textile industry - today less important than small and medium-size machine building industry. Our textile museum contains a full sized factory and a broad educational program.

Our students, 60% girls, are generally the first generation of their families to go into higher education. The parents are usually skilled workers (Facharbeiter), craftsmen, civil servants and various nonacademic professions. Due to the partly rural structure of the places they come from we tend to have few problematic students. Students with an immigrant background, espc. Turkish/Russian, represent about 15% of our students.

One of MGB's focuses is on job orientation. We have therefore installed job advice councillors, our students do a period of internship (Practicum) in Year 10 (age15/16). Our social studies courses Year 10 have as required subject start-up enterprises in cooperation with our local college (Fachhochschule). We have repeatedly taken part in national competitions for start-up enterprise concepts and have won awards („Gründerpreis“). We signed formal agreements on cooperation with a high tech company (physics) and for art projects with the senior citizens residence next door.

We have qualified for the title of „Europaschule“ ( European School) and Certilingua School ( European language and communication certificate). This reflects our focus on preparing our students for an international labour market and it reflects various activities for building European citizenship, e.g. communication on startups with foreign partners.

We are keen on participating in this project because it fits perfectly our focus on job orientation, entrepreneurship (social studies curriculum) and international orientation as a school at the national border. One of our art teachers has worked in advertising agencies or a freelance design for many years and is ambitious to introduce his experience in practical business life into this project.

Our special contribution to the project will be expertise in business plan games, our linguistic competence as a bilingual school and our practical experience in cooperation with outside institutions (e.g.College/Fachhochschule).


20th – 24th April, 2015

Description of the school

Karsava Secondary School is located in a small town Karsava, the centre of Karsava Local Municipality, near the border with Russia. It is a comprehensive school that implements 3 educational programs: general secondary education, general primary education and special primary education (for students with learning difficulties). This school year we have about 320 students and 30 teachers. It is the first time our school takes part in Comenius Project. We are interested in all the activities which draw our students’ curiosity in other cultures, languages, ways of living, and very specifically in those which promote the sense of Europe.

The students in Karsava Secondary school are active and creative, they participate in different contests, projects, expositions and get acknowledgements, gratitude and prizes, we are proud of their success. We have great achievements in different kinds of sport.

Unfortunately our students come from different social backgrounds because unemployment rate in our region is high and there is lack of workplaces. Many people have low salaries therefore social and economic situation in our regions is not attractive for potential investors and business owners. Despite local unemployment our students must develop entrepreneurship skills that will help them create a new workplace, set up a company and develop a positive attitude to mobility and equality in European labour market. They are our future.

Entrepreneurship education in Latvia is becoming more and more popular. Karsava Secondary school has got 7 years experience in establishing and managing school enterprises. Our school enterprises take part in Karsava region craftsmen markets, students’ business education society „Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Latvia” Christmas markets in Riga and even students’ international markets. Young Enterprise business helps our students to develop entrepreneurship, marketing, book-keeping and communication skills and get their first real experience. The project would be excellent opportunity to enlarge our knowledge, share experience and broaden our horizon. We will take part in all project visits (attending and hosting), activities and contribute fully to the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the project at all stages. We will be responsible for the final product - body language code and issue conected with ecology in the companies.


11th – 15th May, 2015

Description of the school

Mimarsinan Merkez Mah., İnönü Cad. No: 83, Büyükçekmece / Istanbul, 0 212 881 51 60. Our school was established on the European side of Istanbul three years ago with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Education’s. Our school is situated in Büyükçekmece which is one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul. Our current staff consists of a principle, four assistant principals and 30 teachers. We have about 500 students aged between 15- 18. Our school is a vocational school that has been providing training and an education on the fields of textile, and textile technology, apparel production and transportation (logistics) for four years. The pupils take a four-year education and training and then they get graduated. Our students took part in the Boston first Regional Robotics Competition as the first Turkish team with the title “The King of Bosphorus” and they represented their country successfully. They were officially awarded with two important prizes.

The main aim of our school as an institution is to educate and to train our students as highly competitive and wise technical employees who have sufficient technical knowledge on demands of textile and logistics sectors. In all sectors, the increase in manufacturing depends on the best use of skilled labor. This requirement indicates the need for skilled and trained labor in the sectors. According to the needs of the sectors, there is no doubt that the students must be exposed to a high-quality training and education that encourages them to fulfill their potential. It’s a good opportunity for them to get involved in a real business world, to gain experience, and to put their knowledge into practice in a professional environment by learning from other people and sharing with them what they know. Being a partner of this project will also be a good chance for our students to learn the principles of establishing a company and the international labour market and to learn business English with the contributions of our European partners.

As a new institution, we would like to broaden our vision to remote routes if we could be partners of this project that will fulfill our targets. It would be a great development for our students to share and to exchange their experiences and ideas through the collaboration. As a result, we certainly hope that our students will realize all the objectives in the project by taking a part actively. All the acquisitions of the project will be one of the great milestones on our students’ way.


20th – 25th October, 2013

Description of the school

Ul. Mała Łąka 10, Cieszyn, +48 33 851 46 88 School of Organization and Management is a secondary school located in Cieszyn. It’s a small town, set in the south of Poland, on the Polish-Czech boarder. Currently, we have about 300 students and there are 32 teachers. Our school offers different after-class activities, such as: School Stock Exchange, European Club, Polish Red Cross, Drama Classes, School Travel Office and School Career Center. Our students take part in language competitions, European Union competitions, First Aid courses, etc.

Our school, the School of Organization and Management meets our students needs halfway. Students are exposed to subjects that are related to economic areas. They deal with such subjects as marketing, law in marketing.

In our school students can choose vocational courses - nowadays the technical school of advertisement and the school of tourism have been often chosen at our school. Having finished our school, students have a degree that allows them to work in diversified companies, to set up their own firms, quite often while attending a university.

Most of the learners commute from the rural areas nearby. Unfortunately, in our region there is a high unemployment rate, about 11% (PUP Cieszyn) and people are badly paid. Consequently students and families can't afford on additional English lessons. They don't go abroad; they don't have possibilities to get to know other cultures and countries.

With regard to the fact that the European Union made working abroad easier for young people, participating in such a project is an enormous opportunity for the students of our school. Thanks to this project students will learn the principles of establishing a company find themselves on the international labour market and learn business English. Most of the learners commute from the rural areas nearby. They hope to find their future job on the European market.

Due to the fact that our school employs well qualified subject teachers, we can take on the role of a coordinator. We also possess a modern computer graphics laboratory, which enables us to coordinate the works on the final product currently. Both the idea and the initiative for the following project came from our students. Therefore, we strongly believe that their commitment to the realization of the project will be of great significance and will contribute to its success.


12th – 16th January, 2015

Description of the school

Boogschutterslaan 25, SINT-KRUIS (Brugge), Belgium +32 50 35 11 69 The school Mariawende-Blydhove (IMB), a technical and vocational secondary school, is situated in Sint-Kruis, a town part of the agglomeration of Bruges, the capital of the province West-Vlaanderen. The schools population is composed of pupils of the town Bruges and its agglomeration, and from its rural surroundings.

Our pupils come from very different social backgrounds. We have a number of pupils with fewer opportunities in life due to financial and social reasons. The philosophy of the school is to give also to these pupils the same opportunities to improve their situation by giving them the necessary 'life-tools' to cope in professional and social domains. In this context we believe that internationalization of the education is very important. It broadens their 'world' and makes them stronger.

Because our school offers among others the orientations of Informatics and Economics, the project suits the curriculum of our pupils very well.


20th – 24th October, 2014

Description of the school

Enna, ITG1 – Sicilia, +39935500924 Our institute is a vocational school of about 800 students and more than 100 people between teachers, laboratories' assistants and administrative employees. We have two main sectors: industry/ handcraft and tourism services. The fist sector is divided into fashion production and mechanic and termohydraulic assistance. This Comenius project is mainly addressed to the fashion production sector.

As a professional school, our teaching is mainly practical, taking place in our laboratories and directly in the enterprises and factories that are our partners as formers. Our pupils, once they have finished with our educational offer, go directly to work.

During the school year, we take part in local and national competitions mainly concerning the specific field of each sector; nevertheless, in addition to the main vocational offer, our curriculum is rich in different social and recreative activities, such as music and sport. In order to supply high quality services, our school has signed conventions with the University of Enna and the Technical Institute for alternative energies of the province of Enna.

The school is located in the centre of Sicily, in the South of Italy. Though we are proud of the richness of our cultural heritage, we are undoubtedly living the difficulties of an economic recession, which involves the end of many local productive firms. From a social point of view, in the last few years we have seen the increasing arrival of many migrants, especially from Romania and the North of Africa. As a consequence, we have a significant number of migrant pupils' at our school.

As a matter of fact, there's an evident need, from our pupils' point of view, to be ready to work in a wider context, which could combine their "know-how" due to the strong local heritage - in art craft, for example - with the dimension of an international market.Strengthening the pupils' entrepreneurial competences is our aim; offering their practical abilities in working is part of our contribution to the project.


12th – 16th May, 2014

Description of the school

Carrer Arquitecte Gaudi 2-4, Artés, 0034 938 202 193 The High School Miquel Bosch i Jover is a secondary school located in a small industrial environment in Artes, not far away from Barcelona. Currently we have about 400 students and there are 40 teachers.Our students come from different social background. We have immigration from Morocco and Eastern countries but, on the other hand, our students seek employment in the UE. Our students don't have many possibilities for attending educational courses, improving their language skills and looking the international labour market. So, this would be a great opportunity for our students to improve the above mentioned abilities-to encourage themselves in studying foreign languages, to get in touch with the reality market and finally to get a new point of view about their environment in contrast to larger towns.

This year, due to the limited industrial development and rising unemployment (nearby 50% between youth), our students is exposed to subjects related to the economy. In fact, for the first time our school offers a subject called "entrepreneurship" that discusses economic concepts to improve the financial literacy of students and enhance knowledge about procedures as established companies and the labor market. In addition, students 16 and 17 years old are given the opportunity to attend local businesses in order to do some practice in different companies and get to know the working world. In this way the project suits the curriculum of our pupils perfectly.

For all these reasons, this project "Enterprising Youth in Europe without Boundaries" is a good opportunity to improve our knowledge about Europe's companies and get in touch with international labour market, and to learn how to set up their own company so as to become competitive like all the European young people.

Role in the project: the magazine: 'FOLKLORE -A BUSINESS INSPIRATION' will be main our task and responsibility, , provide hands-on experience in preparing a job interview and finally knowing the main industry in our zone and connect all these knowledge with our curriculum.