Dalībnieku viedoklis par vizīti Polijā

Participants’ opinion on visit to Poland

20th – 25th October, 2013

1. If you had to sum up your Polish "experience" (to someone who has not been there) in one sentence, what would you say?

2. What do you think about Polish hospitality?

3. How do you like Polish food? What do you think is most typical of it?

4. What was especially surprising to you in or about Poland? (Something that you had not expected)

I think that the Polish language is easy! I could guess written words because they are similar to the Russian language, which I understand very well.

Poles, in my opinion, are very polite! Family where I lived was very nice and welcoming.

I love Polish sweets. And I think the most popular drink in Poland is beer.

To my mind in Poland there are very interesting buildings. I did not think that the buildings might be old-fashioned but beautiful and in such good condition. I like it very much.

(Linda Agleniece from Latvia)

Polish people wear casual clothes, drive small economical cars, and use aerated concrete (one of the cheapest materials) to build the houses; that shows they are not materialistic but the main value for them are their people, relationships and family.

All people we met during the visit were very polite, hospitable and ready to help if we had some problems.

Polish food is very similar to Latvian food, for example, they also eat a lot of potatoes, they cook stewed sauerkraut and their favourite drink is beer. What surprised us that they don’t eat fish (or they just didn’t offer it to us?) and pork but prefer poultry like duck and chicken.

As Poland and Latvia both had been socialist republics, we expected that life level would be similar to ours but it is much higher; that made us think that there was something wrong with the politics of our government...

(Valentīna Barane & Modris Karpovs – teachers from Latvia)>/i>

If someone has not been to Poland, it is worth to visit this country, and, of course, the beautiful historical city Cieszyn which is very special because of its location on the coast of the border river with Czech Republic. That is incredible and amazing.

Host families were very responsive, positive and caring, as well as youngsters.

Food doesn’t differ much from Latvian food but I personally enjoyed Łazanki. Main course is rather spicy and hot.

All in all, I had a lot of impressions during the visit. Most impressive to me were the mountains, the former Nazi death camp in Auschwitz, and good asphalt on roads.

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