ES Comenius Multilateral School Partnership Project - Karsava Secondary School Team in Sicilia

From 20 till 25 October the team of Karsava Secondary School teachers and students went on Comenius multilateral school partnership project “Enterprising Youth in Europe without Boundaries” (Nr. 2013-1-PL1-COM06-38635) visit to Italy.

That was already the fourth meeting of partner school teams, and it took place in one of the most peculiar regions – Sicilia. This time all participants arrived with products manufactured by their school companies to present their achievement and progress of the company. Members of our team A.Vecināne and D.Silicka presented the creation procedure of clay whistles and medals from pugging potter’s clay to scorching and painting readymade products.

It was also interesting how well the other participants get on. As our hosts, Italian school, study fashion design, all participants had an opportunity to enjoy splendid fashion show in which participants of all countries took part.

Māla svilpaunieki un medaļas.
Kārsavas vidusskolas komanda Sicīlijā.

In their turn, students who study hotel business and cookery served for us traditional Italian dishes, like pizza and pasta. Wherever we went, we could enjoy unusual and picturesque landscapes and, of course, the volcano Etna which we managed to see green-brown as well as snow-white but its top was always decorated with a cloud cap. Everywhere we were accompanied and cared about by the dynamic, loud and entirely cheerful Sicilian team.

Kārsavas vidusskolas komanda Sicīlijā.

“Sicilia is the most magnificent place I have ever visited, with pleasant breeze and warm sun, with wonderful scenery around and with tall palm trees. Sicily will remain in my memories for long evening walks with host students as well,” says Agnija about visit to Italy.

“To my mind, the most valuable benefits from the visit are people we met. It was a great opportunity to make new friends from other countries. It was very interesting to make new contacts, get acquainted with life of another country and a bit with its culture as well. Despite speaking different languages, we understood each other, got acquainted and made friends,” so Daniela thinks after the visit.

Doubtless, such visits are valuable experience for all participants, and now we are looking forward, planning and preparing for the next visit to Belgium.

On behalf of Latvian team – Līga Rundāne